1. Walking Routes Along the River Aire to Date - March 2019

    16 Mar 2019
    River Aire - Full Length. Malham to Airmyn Rodley Skipton to Cononley Leeds to Woodlesford Castleford to Woodlesford Knottingley to Castleford Shipley to Apperley Bridge

  2. Middleton - Middleton Park 11th Feb 2018

    16 Mar 2019
    Route and historical maps of of the visit to Middleton Park/Belle Isle, where my Dad lived, and my Great Grandfather worked down Middle Broom Colliery. The historical map was the original Os map from the 1950’s, so this would have been reasonably accurate layout of the land as my Great…

  3. Thomas Ruff: Zeitungsfotos (Newspaper Cut-outs)

    16 Mar 2019
    Between 1981 and 1991, Thomas Ruff collected a vast amount of over 2500 newspaper photographs from German daily newspapers. These images had been collected simply on the basis that he found the images interesting, curious or fascinating in some way or another that merited them to be removed from their…

  4. Letter to Dad

    13 Mar 2019
    I have been conscious that filtering through my Dad’s photographs has been like discovering someones diary, and reading through its contents. It occurred to me that I needed to ask permission from its owner; even though that was now impossible to achieve. Despite this, emotionally I wanted to indicate that…

  5. to you all from us

    28 Feb 2019
    I came across this print whilst videoing my Dad’s print archive a few weeks back.  At first it appears to be simply a picture of regular street scene, reasonably typical of the time. Terraced streets around south Leeds would still be cobbled, and had yet to be tarmaced over, or…

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