1. Wisconsin Death Trip

    06 Feb 2019
    Whilst referring back to Susan Sontag’s On Photography recently, I became aware of Michael Lesy’s Wisconsin Death Trip. It appears to be an interesting use of archival photographs and text for narration. Sontag informs us that the quotations from newspapers and insane asylums have nothing to do with the photographs…

  2. Olivetti Lettera 22 Typing Tests

    16 Jan 2019
    Before the madness of Christmas and moving into my first proper home, I had ended up picking up a Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter from eBay. In my last supervision It had been suggested to me that I write up some thoughts and feeling from one of my photo walks down…

  3. Video Documenting 6x4 Prints

    16 Jan 2019
    You can see the full videoed archive of slides and prints in the ‘Michael Weldon Archive’ section of this website. To keep the images confidential, I have password protected the pages. If you wish to access and view the images please contact me at

  4. Dads 35mm Transparencies

    11 Dec 2018
    I’ve been mostly focusing on my Dads negative file for starting points to my practice since beginning this project. Part this was because I wanted to attempt to limit myself in some way as I struggled to really grasp how I was going to process and digitise the amount of…

  5. Temporary Contemporary Exhibition

    10 Apr 2018
    The University of Huddersfield Art, Design & Architecture department have been working towards acquiring a new exhibition space in Huddersfield town centre. The aim was to connect the University to the wider audience of the people Huddersfield. A space was found in the stunning building that is the Queensgate Indoor…

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