The quiet before a goodbye

Tiernan would be travelling back over to Leeds in a few weeks to start his second year of University. We all know that the last 18 months have been especially dire, but starting Uni during Covid must have been horrendously boring … and a million miles away from my own pretty hedonistic experience.

To a certain extent, we expect a lot of personal change heading off on a university experience - plenty of candles burnt at both ends and plenty more mistakes to hope to forget. Yet whilst there were probably stories he’d likely never share of his first year, Tiernan still seemed to possess that eager excitement of starting university for the first time. That change of life perspective never seemed to have managed to creep its way in. Now however in the quiet weeks before he said goodbye once again it seemed that with everything easing up, there would be a real chance to have the same experiences, excitements and fuck ups as is every person of his age should have. There’s no better way to soak up being young.

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