1. 5x4 Results..

    07 Apr 2018
    So I got my two developed Kodak Portra 160 negatives back from Metro Imaging after my trip away to Ireland for the Easter bank holiday weekend, and I wasn’t surprised when I opened the box…  …one double exposure, and one blank negative!  Even though I expected the result, there was…

  2. Return to Middleton Woods

    27 Mar 2018
    What a hassle its been receiving my new camera! I received my Hasselblad on the 15th March after six weeks of waiting, and I couldn’t be more excited to get out and start using it. It looked just as it did in the eBay listing and everything that was described…

  3. Photographer with no Camera?!

    24 Feb 2018
    Bronica SQ-A - Gone but not forgotten! I sold my Bronica SQ-A this week to one of our students at Huddersfield. Ill be sad to see it go, but im glad its going to a good home with this student, and its not going somewhere it will just sit and…

  4. Photo of the Week … and Belle Isle Images

    24 Feb 2018
    Seeing film appear on the screen for the first time as it scans in can be both exciting and crushing at the same time.  I only shot two films whilst out the other weekend in Belle Isle, which only gives me 24 frames … 24 times in which to try…

  5. Photo of the Week

    17 Feb 2018
    Ive been photographing my Mum more and more over the past few weeks. Its not always been easy, and at first my Mum didnt really understand what I was trying to do or why I wanted to photograph her - even when I had talked to her about what I…

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